Proven Implementation and Support Services

NIC offers a full life cycle transaction management solution that includes gateway and merchant services, plus extensive financial reporting and funds disbursement — all hosted in the cloud at our PCI-DSS Level 1 Data Centers.

Our Services

Credit Card Processing

The NIC Payment Engine (TPE) is a Level 1 PCI-DSS Compliant, multi-channel payment gateway, which processes credit card, debit card, PayPal, and eCheck (ACH) payments. While other products offer a gateway out to the credit card networks and some very basic reporting, NIC’s Payment Engine (TPE) is a full life-cycle transaction management tool. It not only includes a gateway, but also includes extensive financial reporting, customer service tools, fund disbursement, and is fully hosted in a PCI Level 1 environment.

Other Services

NIC’s CommonCheckout interface (CCP) is a perfect solution when users have their own application but don’t want the hassle of meeting PCI Compliance. This allows users to integrate their existing applications with NIC’s secure checkout screens. Configurable templates allow the application to blend seamlessly with the interface, and checkout screens also integrate with credit card swiper devices for Web payments collected at point of sale.

The application sends the transaction data to NIC’s CommonCheckout interface which collects and processes all payment information. Transaction details are sent directly back to your Web application, eliminating data entry. Transaction and disbursement details are available through NIC Payment Engine for easy management of the payment life cycle.

Other Value-Added Services

NIC offers additional services, including Gov2Go, the nation’s first personal assistant for government. It learns about a person’s civic responsibilities, tracks those interactions, notifies them about an upcoming renewal or payment, and offers thumbprint payment login and simple one-click payments to complete the transaction.

NIC also offers the Application Engine, or AppEngine, which is a platform that supports multiple types of application development, and is a suite of inter-operable web services that allow for the building of responsive web applications on-demand.