NIC e‑Payment Processing in Florida

NIC is working with the Department of Financial Services to partner with all state agencies in transitioning from existing vendors to a single payment processing system. Using a phased approach, all state agencies will be actively processing payments through NIC’s core platform.

Securely Processing 380 Million Transactions Annually on Behalf of Government


NIC offers Gateway options for online payment processing – Fully Hosted, Partially Hosted, and Non-Hosted. Each can process both payment cards and eChecks. The Fully Hosted option allows customers to process recurring payments and schedule, modify, or cancel payments.

Point of Sale

NIC provides terminals and other hardware for processing card payments. NIC provides support for this hardware and will repair or replace faulty equipment within twenty-four (24) hours.


The IVR service provided by NIC allows agencies to accept and process payments twenty-four (24) hours a day, seven (7) days a week over the phone.

Batch File Transfer

All customers will receive daily customized batch files detailing all transactions containing up to 99,999 individual transactions. Upon request, NIC will provide a remittance file that includes a minimum of fifteen (15) customer-defined fields.